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Our Aims

Here For You aims to support our partners to encourage healthcare workers across Essex and Hertfordshire to reach out and talk to us

Here For You is for all health and social care staff working across Hertfordshire and Essex services in the NHS, social care, care homes, domiciliary care agencies, the voluntary and not-for profit sectors.

Here For You principles are to:

  • Provide a confidential service - your manager will not be made aware of your request for help, unless you tell us otherwise;

  • You can choose where you wish to receive our services at your first call

  • You can expect your call to the Here For You helpline to be handled, as a priority, by our call handlers in Essex & Hertfordshire call centres (Hertfordshire calls will be answered by the SPA team. If this is an issue, please ask for our Essex Team)

  • You may be referred to psychology services, secondary or primary care, dependent on your needs.