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Yvonne Rose

Specialist Systemic Family Psychotherapist

Yvonne Rose

Yvonne is a UKCP registered Family Systemic Psychotherapist.  Family Systemic Psychotherapists aim to therapeutically join individuals ,couples and families to support them to use their resources to guide them through the problem or difficult period they are experiencing. Yvonne integrates narrative ideas around storytelling.   It is understood that the multiple stories a person tells themselves about their life, influences how they perceive their experiences and how they live their life. Together we can trace the history of the problem, the effects of the problem in the here and now; whilst acknowledging individual strengths and resilience. The hope is to or bring about desired changes by developing different understandings of the difficulty being experienced. 

Yvonne is a qualified EMDR therapist , which stands for 'eye movement desensitisation reprocessing'.  It is a type of therapy designed to help loosen the impact of difficult memories, from causing extreme distress. With consent EMDR can be used as part of the family psychotherapy or independently.