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Here For You offers initial assessment, including discussion of treatment options, signposting and onward referral. This service is for all healthcare, social care, voluntary sector staff members working for Essex or Hertfordshire Services. We also offer a follow up call to check that you got to where you needed. Please note that unfortunately we are not able to offer everyone therapeutic intervention.

Please read the important announcement before making a referral to the service.

Essex self-referral form

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Herts self-referral form

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There are no words to describe how grateful I am. You have listened to me with kindness and compassion, I never felt judged or out of place, even in the deepest, darkest moments.
I feel like "me" again. There were times when I thought I wouldn't. It can be frightening and lonely. You feel you should be okay. But I have learnt it is okay to reach out for help and support. I did not realise I was going through post trauma from COVID.
It worked really well for me, [the therapist] walked things through with me in a down-to-earth and friendly way which I respond to well. The response when I first made an enquiry was quick and no-nonsense.
I felt very listened to and sense of someone empathising with me and wanting to explore what would help.
[The therapist] was compassionate and understanding. I felt listened to and that I had made the right choice to get some help/support
I didn’t think I had anything to say until I stared talking, and then it all unravelled...

Your Journey



Self-referral via phone, online form or email. You will be offered an option to access the Hertfordshire or Essex area of the service and are eligible to access either regardless of where you live, your GP surgery address or location of work.

First contact

We aim to contact you within 3 working days to arrange your assessment appointment.


We offer a thorough assessment to explore your current needs over the phone or via Microsoft Teams which may take about an hour and in some cases it may take longer. Our advice would be to allow up to an hour and a half for this initial assessment.

Outcome and Follow up

As part of the initial assessment process we will discuss with you treatment options, signposting and onward referral to the most appropriate service to meet your needs. We will arrange a follow up call in 4-6 weeks post assessment to check on your progress and wellbeing. Follow up appointments will usually be a brief phone contact.