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Navigating Post-COVID Challenges - Explore our New Support Videos!

Navigating Post-COVID Challenges - Explore our New Support Videos!

28th Jun, 2023

Are you still struggling with the effects of COVID? Is it still effecting you physically/mentally? Here For You have recently created over 20 new support videos offering valuable information to combat the different problems you may still be facing, as well as offering various techniques that can be used in your day-to-day. With videos such as 'Breathing Techniques' and 'Grounding', these can support you regardless of whether COVID has or still is impacting you.

With subtitles that can be translated to three different languages, please visit our 'Self-Help Resources' page and select the 'COVID-19 Resources' tile to access this content!

Enhance Your Mental Health Journey with Our Webinars Page

Enhance Your Mental Health Journey with Our Webinars Page

3rd Apr, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of a new feature page on the Here For You website called Webinars. This new page offers an extensive collection of webinar videos created by our expert clinical team, covering various topics related to mental health and how to cope with them.

As you may know, Here For You is a mental health service dedicated to providing support and guidance to those struggling with mental health issues. We understand that mental health is a complex topic that requires continuous education, and we believe that our new Webinars page can serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to improve their mental health knowledge and/or get help.

Our webinar videos are hosted by our expert clinical team, who are highly experienced and qualified mental health professionals. They cover a wide range of topics, including anxiety, depression, stress, self-care, and many more. Each video provides valuable insights, practical tips, and coping strategies to help individuals manage their mental health challenges effectively. Furthermore, our webinars offer discussion times during the session, allowing participants to ask questions and share their experiences. We believe that this interactive aspect is essential to the learning process and can help individuals feel more connected and supported.

We encourage you to explore our new Webinars page and watch our videos at your convenience. We hope that this new feature page will be a valuable resource for you, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Watch our new webinar on 'Acceptance & Commitment Therapy'

Watch our new webinar on 'Acceptance & Commitment Therapy'

16th Mar, 2023

Here for you recently held a webinar on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) which had over 70 attendees take part in the session. Hosted by Elizabeth Harrington (Deputy Clinical Lead), Zineb Belouadah (Trainee Clinical Psychologist) and Erlina Rees (Assistant Psychologist), this webinar included the following:

  • the principles of ACT

  • ACT based skills to manage the impact of stress

  • discussion time

To view this new content, please head on over to our new 'Webinars' page.